Lunch Menu

At the Farmer’s Daughter’s Market – Jennifer makes everything from scratch with Iowa hospitality and ambiance.

Soups of the day choices:  Jennifer usually has 4 or 5 hot homemade soups to choose from:

Green Bean Potato Bacon Chicken Tortellini Broccoli Cheese
Sweet Corn Chowder Chicken Tortilla Soup Cream of Asparagus
Tomato Basil Pumpkin Squash Curry Wild Mushroom & Rice
Italian Wedding Corn Beef & Cabbage Gramma’s Chicken Noodle
Vegetable Beef & Barley

All Iowa Combo – Soup and ½ Sandwich – Choose from a chicken salad sandwich or Panini. Chicken sandwich is made with Cran-raisins, all white meat, almonds, real mayo, celery, sweet onions and seasonings), Panini choice of ham or turkey that is pressed hot with pesto, provolone and Swiss American cheese. $9.95

Meatloaf and Pulled Pork Sandwich Combo: Choose between a savory meatloaf or a pulled pork BBQ sandwich with your choice of homemade soup or salad. $10.95

Quiche -Garden Vegetable w/ or w/o bacon – We use hickory smoked bacon and add finely chopped spinach, garden veggies and sweet onions to our egg and Swiss cheese and top it off with fresh tomatoes. $4.95

Quiche ComboGarden veggie quiche w or w/o lean turkey bacon – Our famous quiche made with fresh garden veggies that has our tomato basil drizzled on top, served with your choice of soup or a garden side salad. $9.95

Strawberry Spinach Salad – Fresh baby spinach, strawberries, red onions, shaved carrots, tomatoes, Cran-raisins, chopped almonds, crumpled blue cheese, bacon bits and topped with our homemade croutons. $10.95

Chicken Salad on Greens – Our popular homemade chicken salad  served on top of herb mixed lettuce greens, (made with Cran-raisins, white chicken meat, almonds, real mayo, celery, sweet onions and seasonings) and topped with our homemade croutons. $10.95

Gardener’s Salad – Lettuce greens with all the garden veggies topped with homemade croutons. $8.95

Panini Platter or Chicken Salad Platter Sandwich – Your choice of our hot pressed full Panini sandwich or our famous chicken salad sandwich where the Italian bread is toasted – choice of chips or garden salad. $9.95

Iowa’s BLT Sandwich – We use only homegrown Iowa tomatoes and our lean turkey bacon on toasted Italian bread, lettuce and real mayo. Served with your choice of chips or garden side salad. $9.95

Desserts – Jennifer always has a selection of pies, carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, dutch letters from Pella – and now a new Strawberry Croissant filled with white and dark chocolate, strawberries all pressed in the panini machine served hot topped off with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup!!!  YUMMY!!!! $5.59